Siberian Bull Rocky T-Shirt


Siberian Bull Rocky T-Shirt T-shirts


This Rocky t-shirt features an image of the “Siberian Bull” Ivan Drago. Drago’s head is seen inside a large star that is surrounded by three smaller stars.

With a boxing style that was based on size, strength, and mental resilience, Ivan Drago was seen as the one Rocky Balboa opponent that could not be defeated.

After killing Apollo Creed (if he died, he died) and having an incredible boxing match with Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago became one of the most popular characters in the Rocky franchise.

Now, you can show that you are a fan of Ivan Drago with this Siberian Bull Rocky t-shirt.

Drago is a superior athlete, and every Rocky fan will want to get their hands on this Siberian Bull t-shirt. Get yours while you still can!

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Siberian Bull Rocky T-Shirt

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