Autobot Bumblebee Transformers T-Shirt

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Autobot Bumblebee Transformers T-Shirt T-shirts


This Transformers t-shirt shows the Autobot Bumblebee ready to protect the galaxy from the evil Decepticons. This image is designed to look like artwork that would appear on the box of a Bumblebee action figure.

Bumblebee is the small yellow Autobot that transformed into a Cybertronian car. Because of his small stature, Bumblebee is always trying to prove himself to Optimus Prime. But he’s never had to prove himself to the fans of Transformers. Bumblebee has consistently remained one of the most popular characters from Transformers.

Let everyone know that you are a fan of Beeper with this Autobot Bumblebee Transformers t-shirt!

Fun fact: At BotCon 2010, Hasbro named Bumblebee as one of the first five robot inductees in the Transformers Hall of Fame.

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Autobot Bumblebee Transformers T-Shirt

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